TTC Temperature Control

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TTC Temperature Control
TTC Temperature Control

TTC-2000 Temp. control 25A

TTC2000 is a 3-phase triac controller for controlling electric heating up to 25 A. It is made for wall mounting. TTC2000 is to be connected in series between powersupply and an electric heater and can control both Y- and Delta- connected loads. TTC2000 can control assymetrical Delta-loads.

The controller pulses the entire power output ON/OFF. and utilises time-proportional control, the ratio between On-time and Off-time is varied to fit the prevailing heating requirement. E.g. ON = 30 sec. And OFF= 30 sec. gives 50% output power. The cycle-time (the sum of on-time and off-time) is adjustable 6...120 sec.

TTC2000 automatically adapts control mode to suit the dynamics of the controlled object.

Supply air temperature control
For rapid temperature changes, TTC2000 will work as a PI-controller with a fixed proportional band of 20K and a fixed reset time of 6 minutes.

Room temperature control
For slow temperature changes, TTC2000 will work as a P-controller with a fixed proportional band of 1.5 K. When running room temperature control the supply air temperature can be maximum and/or minimum limited.

Controlling larger electric heaters
At larger loads TTC2000 can be combined with ancillary board TT-S1