At Splashback Shop we love bold and beautiful kitchen design, so when Pantone revealed their colour of the year, the “provocative and thoughtful” Ultra Violet 18-3838, we just had to get involved. We present to you a full immersive smorgasbord of ultraviolet delight as we share our top ten picks for the best purple accessories on the market to adorn the heart of your home.

1. Le Creuset Butter Dish


We’re all about quality in the kitchen, and Le Creuset is an absolute classic. They supply a staggering array of cassis-glazed stoneware, and while we’re not going to list every item (you can take a look here), we’ll share our favourite: a small but perfectly formed butter dish.

2. Bodum Caffettiera


Wake up and smell the coffee with Bodum’s Caffettiera, providing the perfect way to enjoy your morning cup of Joe. Whether you’re a hardened disciple of arabica, a chilled-out latte lover or you just really like the colour purple this caffettiera has you covered.

3. Breville Toaster


While we’re on the topic of breakfast, why not take the opportunity to upgrade your toaster too? The Breville Impressions damson-hued model takes the prize here. It’s sleek, shiny and with room for four there’s no waiting around for extra slices to finish.

4. Zoku Shake Maker


The Zoko slush and shake maker is a great way to enjoy a refreshing treat on a sunny summer day. It’s straightforward to assemble and easy to clean, taking all of the messy hassles out of making your favourite shake. Ok, but does it come in purple? I hear you ask. Why yes, yes it does.

5. Whittard Tea Caddy


We all know that in Britain tea is not just a drink, but a way of life. Whether you’re enjoying the bergamot wafts of a pot of Earl Grey or unwinding with a lovely cup of chai what better way to keep your tea fresh, and your kitchen looking it’s best, than with a handsome lavender-toned tea caddy from Whittard?

6. KitchenAid


The KitchenAid is truly the king of food mixers. With this complete mixing tool baking to an exceedingly high standard becomes a complete doddle. The Kitchen Aid comes with a sturdy base, multiple attachments and a considerable mixing capacity. Classic design and premium quality combine to create a true kitchen classic.

7. Denby Champagne Flutes


When you’re looking to impress nothing says elegance more than a bottle of bubbly served up in beautiful glassware. Denby’s champagne flutes are our top pick, the intricate silver paisley design lending a touch of class to proceedings.

8. Le Creuset Oven Mitt


Le Creuset may have already featured on this list, but we love this simple oven mitt. Not only does it look fantastic, but it's also completely machine washable and comes with a sewn-in magnetic panel too for super easy storage. Handy!

9. Classic AGA


Here it is, the big one. You’ve come this far so there’s no backing out now. Ok, so the size and price tag are a far cry from the accessory category, but how could a blog about purple kitchens be complete without it? For the faithful follower of the ultraviolet aesthetic, the Classic AGA is indeed the absolute pinnacle of the kitchen experience.

10. Coloured Glass Splashback

This final pick is our very own homage to all things purple. A violet glass splashback creates that ultimate wow factor in your home. It’s easy to clean, heat resistant and looks incredible. Each splashback is expertly made in the UK by hand and to your exact specification. With a vast range of hues and colours to choose from, there is a design to suit every taste. Get in contact today to kickstart the creation of your dream kitchen.